3 Questions to let go of Passion

For a long time, I identified myself as a passionate person and wore it like a badge of honor.


In my head, I figured that this was the key element, the fuel that would push my business forward.


With my two year business idea anniversary coming up, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the initial idea I had around helping creative women with their data and analytics.


Now, I can easily shift in this belief and now I know that passion is not the most detrimental of the qualities needed. And I can go as far to say that a little less passion would actually be helpful in some cases to not take things so personally and not get clouded by emotions.


To help create some distance, try this idea for a second: if your business baby belonged to someone else, what advice would you give? What non-emotional and unclouded feedback would you be able to pass over in a completely nonchalant way?


You could even go so far as to close your eyes for a moment and image going out to a coffee date with yourself.


Get a piece of paper and ask yourself these questions:


  • What is most worrying to you about your business right now?

  • When do you feel most stressed?

  • What would you like in terms of support? Words (verbal,or written), community, or maybe just a big hug!


Give yourself time to go through these and answer them for yourself on a piece of paper. You might surprise yourself!


Try it and notice how you feel after as well. Sometimes all we need is a little self-love to push us in the right direction.


I still feel I’m a passionate person by nature and don’t hide it, but I’ve learned that if passion is stopping me from doing the best I can do in my business, then it doesn’t always serve me.


And if you want a piece of self-love for your data, this is the last call for the free data-discovery sessions with me! Getting a clear sense of what is working on your website to grow your business (and not drag you down in stress) is a very freeing act of self-love. Book the free data-discovery call here.