What content is actually relevant to my potential audience?

Ah! I love sharing data insights and bringing clarity to the confusion.

This week on my blog series "Interview your Data", I got on the phone with the fun and adventurous Rosemary and Claire of Authentic Food Quest.

They were wanting to understand what content engages their potential audiences and this is the specific question they sent me:

"We are looking to better understand which post/content is most relevant to our audience so we can provide more of it."

When you are creating your content, knowing your audience is key. Through our data in Google Analytics, we can to start to get a sense of how they react and engage with the content we put so much time and love into.

In this video, I show Claire and Rosemary how to start doing this type of analysis by filtering their data.

Watch the video here:


Key Takeaways:

- Before opening any report in GA, make sure to come to the data with the backstory on your content strategy for that month. This will help you fill in the blanks with your data.- The report we looked at: Behavior > Content > All Pages - To access the New Visitors or Return Visitors segment, click on the blue donut above the report and scroll down to either "New Visitors" or "Return Visitors". Check on one of those options, and uncheck "All Visits" at the top.- When you are ready to do deeper analysis, I recommend taking screenshots of the data and pasting them into a Word Document. This will help you get away from the initial tool and help stimulate your detective mind.

The cool thing about Google Analytics is there are a lot of useful features that are already set up for you, just waiting to be used. Segments is one of them.

By starting to filter your data with segments, you not only understand a bit better what content is bringing in more users, but also what type of users like specific types of content.

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