Subscribing to Unsubscribe

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We’ve all been there: you open up your inbox and your body cringes.

The emails seem infinite and among the pressing client emails and leads, there are newsletters. Some of these you’ve subscribed with the intention to stay up to date with the industry or to be inspired. Some of the newsletter subscriptions are from your dear online friends and other people you’d love to stay more in contact with.

And then there are the other emails.

The emails that you are keeping tabs on because they are from competitors. The newsletter subscriptions of people you admire but that don’t inspire you to take action in your own business. The emails that you think you “should” be reading but never do and they just sit there, getting stale and stinking up the place!

Just because you admire someone, you don’t need to fill your inbox with them. There are different ways to support your online rockstars and it doesn’t always need to be through email. This is especially true is their last couple of emails are just not jiving with you. 
So, why do you subscribe? Do you feel like you don’t have enough info on your own to be a success? Or do you feel obligated? Just notice if it is out of fear or maybe it feeds those insecurities?

I want you to know that if there is something that is leading you to feel bad about yourself and your business you have every right to stop that shitz and unsubscribe!

I invite you to treat your inbox space with care (as the saying goes “You are what you eat” I also believe “You are what you read!”).

Here are some steps to creating a new relationship with your inbox space:

  1. First, stop! Give yourself the opportunity to gently listen to that fear or insecurity for a moment. What is it saying? Recognize this part of you, even if it isn’t pretty or strong.
  2. Respect what your body is telling you. If you falling deep into a comparison trap cycle, you have permission to not only unsubscribe but get up and take a break! Sometimes we end up with these emotions because we are generally stressed and need to get some perspective.
  3. Find the people who inspire your creative muse! What emails are in your inbox right now that you can’t wait to read and you feel light and refreshed after reading? Aim to find more of those emails.
  4. Experiment. Sometimes we don’t know how a particular newsletter will make us feel so from the get go, when you hit subscribe, give yourself full permission to unsubscribe at any point going forward, guilt free! And you can always subscribe again if you want to!

You are responsible for your well-being and what you bring into your space. Make sure everything you choose is truly contributing to flowing creativity and a confident you!

And to celebrate all those inspiring newsletters that do inspire us, use the comments below (or comment on my Instagram). What newsletters do make you feel awesome right now? I’m actually on the hunt for some inspirational women who are doing amazing biz stuff.