The one thing you need to do in Google Analytics - Part One


I've heard it again and again; Google Analytics is overwhelming, ugly, and a maze of numbers. And although my initial recommendation is to build a relationship with your Google Analytics, I know not all of us have the time and luxury to sit down with your analytics like this.

So, if I were to recommend ONE thing to do in Google Analytics is ...goals! And I've created this blog series to break out the information and help you out! :)

Setting up goals in Google Analytics can take you from "meh" reporting, to "wow! okay, that is something I can actually use".

First, you might be asking what the heck is a goal?

A goal is a page or action on your site that you want your users to get to. A common example might be a newsletter sign up or an opt-in download. I call it the "golden click" but in the online marketing world it might be called a "conversion".

More examples of "golden clicks":

  • for a graphic designer -> signing up for their graphics e-course
  • for a coach -> scheduling a consult call
  • for a nutritionist -> joining their weekly sugar free challenge

Get the idea? Whatever it is, you are want to track the completion of a desired action on your site.

You might be thinking, so what? I can track that with my email tool or opt-in tool. What makes setting this up worth my time and effort (and I rather spend my time in Instagram instead of ugly GA...bleh).

The difference here is, unlike other tools, Google Analytics will let you cross your "golden clicks" with the rest of the data hanging out in the tool.

Some possible data combinations might be:

  • Social Platforms + your opt-in sign up
  • Landing Pages + your ecourse purchase

These type of data crosses in data can give you a vast amount of information about what is actually working on your site. For example, a report tracking traffic coming to your site + Contact Form Submissions might look like this:


Not only do you see where user are coming from, but which of these actually completed your "golden click" (a.k.a. hitting submit on the contact form). In turn, you might be able to make better decisions on which social channel is truly serving your bottom line.

And this isn't the only report you get to see your goal completions. Once you've set up goals in Google Analytics, you will be able to use it in several areas in the tool (exciting, right?)

So, ready to set up your own goals? Here are the first two steps:

1) Decide on one goal you want to start off with. I've given you some examples above but this can any "golden click" you want your users to perform on your site.

2) Identify where this "golden click" happens and save the exact URL. In many cases, this is a confirmation or thank you page. Wherever it is on your site, I want you to find that URL and save it.

That's it for now! Sign up here to receive part 2 and 3 of this blog series, where I show you how to set up and then actually read your goals reporting.