Start using your catch title Analytics data!

But why? Why should you care if the tool is more frustrating than trying to unstick pink chewing gum from your freshly awoken bed head hair? And let’s be honest, Google Analytics itself is uglier than two squirrels making out on your back porch. Every time you open one of those reports, you feel a mix of heartburn, a headache, and shortness of breath. It is like you need to be in a coma to actually convince yourself, “ is the day I will start to understand my Google Analytics reporting.”

And deep down, there are some other real reasons why you’ve been avoiding your data up until now.

Yes, it is not intuitive, and yes, it isn’t pretty to look at but let’s think about those other little voices:

  1. I have no idea where to start! There are tons of numbers here, but what do I actually need to pay attention to? Aah!..overwhelm alert!
  2. I don’t really have time to look at Google Analytics. I’m a busy lady!
  3. But it worth my time to look at these reports? How do I know I’ll be able to actually impact what I do in my business? I don’t know what to do with the information.

And finally...

    4. Imagine knowing exactly what blog traffic is getting people to purchase your services. Think about being     able to see if between Facebook and your Email Campaign, which got people to download more opt-ins?           What if you could shine some light on your ideal client profile by looking at real demographic and interest       data? Don’t all these things sound like crucial pieces of information that you would be crazy not to know!


    Instead of guessing and talking to your therapist or dog about it, just let your data tell you! It will completely revolutionize how you run your business, by taking out some of the unnecessary guess work that can be so draining.



    1. What areas of your site are most popular (blog posts, site sections, etc.)?

    2. Where are people coming from before visiting your site (and where you should be spending more time with your marketing efforts)?

    3. Form a strong hypothesis around your data and start making confident decisions with your data.

    Picture sitting down tomorrow with your tea/coffee to work, knowing without a doubt that what you are working on right now is bringing you closer to your goals. No doubts or insecurities. Just focus and clarity that your content and marketing plan is exactly in line with the traffic coming to your site.

    General beta service outline:

    • Use the back-end Admin area in the best way possible, without getting horribly confused and frustrated.

    • Go to the reports that you know matter and yes, actually understand the metrics (knowing which ones to actually pay attention to!).

    • Incorporate the data in the content and marketing plan for your business in a meaningful way that justifies the time you spend analyzing!


    I’ve also created four specially designed modules for the following businesses: VAs, Solopreneurs, Web Developers, and Bloggers! This means you get to pick a track that’s exactly perfect for you and your business. Each module contains worksheets and templates to work through and apply to your specific business.



    Here’s a sneak peak at the curriculum!

    Module 1: Basic Setup + Tour

    This module focuses on tool setup on any Wordpress or Squarespace site, as well as getting a general tour of the tool and the important areas, specifically applies to each business.

    Module 2: Admin Area Configuration

    The second module teaches you how to configure the admin area of the tool correctly and make full use of the tool, like setting up IP Exclusion, Filters, and Custom Alerts.

    Module 3: Beginners Reporting + Metrics

    Things start getting interesting! This module teaches you the basics of reporting and what all those metrics mean.

    And the last module is niche specific:

    Module 4: Business Specific Track (VA, Solopreneur, Web Developer, Blogger)

    Each of these business specific modules contains worksheets and templates that you will be able to use actively in your business.

    Bonus Material:

    • Additional Analytics Tech Tools for VAs

    • Start Making Big Decisions off your Data Solopreneur

    • Additional Tech Tools for Web Devs

    • How to Integrate Content Planning with your Google Analytics data for Bloggers


    Extra Module Material: Setting up Goals in Google Analytics!
    What are goals? Goals help you track specific conversions happening on your site. This can be anything from an opt-in subscriber to a purchase. Then, you can tie back this information with other reporting, like where the visits came from (before subscribing).

    Your instructor:

    Hi! I'm Cinthia Pacheco and I help creative business and entrepreneurs take the overwhelm out of their analytics. I believe you should take full advantage of Google Analytics without going crazy. Let me help you learn this important tool and start using it in your own business, as well with both current and future clients, distinguishing you from the crowd.

    Stop guessing what is happening on your site and start taking action in the areas you know are important!


    Why are you running a beta service?
    Yes! You will learn how to make sure the tool is set up on any site, and keep it running correctly.

    Why is it pay what you can?
    Absolutely. In the last unit, I will be sharing specific reporting templates that you can use for your own business or for your client. You can copy these directly to present to your client on an ongoing basis.

    When does the course start and end?
    The course starts Monday, April 17th and the last day will be Friday, May 11th.

    How often will I be getting emails from you?
    You will get emails every Monday for the 4 weeks with links to new course materials and homework.

    Is there a Facebook Group for the course?
    No, I opted for using Slack since I feel there is less distraction and will help if we want to share documents, links, kitten images, etc.

    What is Slack?
    Slack is an awesome messaging application that you can access from your browser or download to your computer. I think it is easy to use and fun to you connect with the other participants, share knowledge, and answer all your questions about Google Analytics quickly and efficiently.

    When will be your Slack-Chat office hours?
    Initially, my Slack-Chat office hours will be Mondays and Thursdays from 3 - 4pm ET/11am - 12pm PT. If for some reason you aren't available at those times, I will arrange a separate time to meet with you!

    My business type is not listed under the four above. Can I still take the course?
    Yes! This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning Google Analytics. I believe everyone should know their data! If you aren’t sure which module to get, the Solopreneur track is the best option for you.

    Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
    Yes, there is a 30 day guarantee if you aren't happy with the results provided from the course.

    Questions? Let me know!