“Thanks Cinthia! Well, it was great working with you on this project and I’m sure those reports will be useful. We’ll be in touch soon!”

“That’s it?” My stomach dropped at this thought and I hit the red ‘end meeting’ button.

It was another project done but I felt no sense of satisfaction, just an empty, like a compass with no direction. This had been going on for a couple months now and I wasn’t sure who (or what) to turn to.

I kept thinking, “Is this going to be the rest of my career?”

This brainwashing cycle of project after project, meeting clients, helping them get into the data and then, once the project finished, never speaking to them again.

I was a data robot, going through reports but never seeing the final outcome or if it actually ended up benefitting the business.

Just when I was starting to build a connection with the client, the project would end. Any sort of personal, human connection, would be cut. This became the biggest reason I wanted to leave my corporate job. I knew the value of my work would be tenfold if I was given the opportunity to work more closely and in sync with the overall strategy of a business.


I was sick of wasting time on in company politics, and aimless meetings, trying to inspire people who already felt dead in their job. I wanted to be the one to define the value of my work and create an impact, without depending on such a large and draining system.

Now, I help amazing creative women directors like you to take hold of their data to feed their creativity and grow their business:

  • Data analysis: take the confusion and avoidance that comes when looking at your Google Analytics by shining a light on the numbers to create more opportunities and connections online.

  • Online and In-person Courses: train your teams to use tools like Google Analytics and start investing in marketing and content that is bringing you the most visits and sales.

  • Idea and Innovation Workshops: feel like your creative well is dry? I inspire female creative leaders to approach their creativity in new and exciting ways by marrying your data and intuition to feel vibrant and creatively juice.


Are you ready to start making use of all that amazing data you are sitting on? Let's talk about your data!



Hi! I'm Cinthia!

I am part nerd, part creative, out on a missions to help amazing women with their analytics and online tools.

I believe that analytics don't need to feel like you are weighing yourself, that your online tools shouldn't be wasting your time, and that you can work on your business in a way that creates energy (instead of draining it).

I love to work with creative businesses as a 'secret digital weapon', complimenting what you already do best; run an inspiring business that changes how things are done in the world!





More about Digimorph

Cinthia started Digimorph in late 2015, out of a need to help creative women navigate the overwhelming world of analytics and digital tools. The goal was to help bloggers, graphic designers, coaches, personal trainers, mompreneurs, and yoga instructors stop feeling drained in front of computer, but putting together a strong digital strategy that inspired them to do the best work in their business.

Cinthia has 4 years of corporate experience in digital marketing and web analytics, with over 10 years of overall online experience. She is certified in various analytics and digital tools, like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target.