feed your creativity with data

Your data is powerful.⚡️You can use it to liberate your energy and let your creativity flow.🖌✍️ How? By letting it tell you exactly what to focus on when you’re making content so you can impact your people the most.


Hi! I’m Cinthia, data and analytics based Content Strategist who helps women like you use your site data to unlock your natural creativity and attract the right people to your website.

I believe that:

  1. Creating relevant content for your ideal audience can be a smooth and easy process.

  2. Educating you (and your team) on how to use Google Analytics wisely, which allows you to make smart decisions on your marketing campaigns, content strategy, and website changes.

  3. SEO can feel powerful (and not icky) to bring in meaningful site traffic if you do it strategically and purposefully.

  4. “Being busy” all the time is an excuse stopping you from feeling good in your day to day business, and it’s time to cut it out!

 Cinthia Pacheco founder of Digimorph

It takes courage and strength to look at your website, without getting protective or taking it personally.😒 I want to help you look at your site data in a way that not only attracts more of the right type of traffic to your site, but also inspires and energizes you.💪😀


Shortcuts end up being way more expensive than doing things right from the beginning. Let’s work in unison to improve your ongoing business strategy using your data to make better decisions .